Finding appropriate business insurance in Alameda is unfortunately much more than just doing an online search and going with the first results that pop up. To find the best insurance agent and company, you will want to meet with several over the phone or in person and ask some important questions. Here are just a couple questions you should plan to ask any prospective insurance agent.

How Friendly and Knowledgeable Is Your Office Staff?

While this is by no means the most crucial consideration when buying your business insurance in Alameda, it does deserve some recognition. The office staff should be friendly and at least knowledgeable enough to be able to answer your basic questions when you call in.

Are You Up To Date On The Latest Insurance News And Practices?

Being a business owner yourself, you know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest news and practices associated with your industry. An insurance agent is no different in that he or she should constantly be keeping himself or herself educated and relevant to the business insurance industry.

Ensure the Best Deal with a Qualified Agent

These are just a couple of the questions you will want to ask prospective agents when shopping for business insurance in Alameda. Asking the essential questions will help you ensure that you get the best rate from an agent and company that cares about you.


photo credit: Alex E. Proimos cc