As the owner of a laundromat, one of your priorities should be to maintain a safe and secure environment, which not only benefits customers and employees, but can also impact your bottom line. Instigating proper maintenance and providing a secure outlet can keep your customers feeling comfortable while making use of your facility and also keep employees safe and secure. This ensures that your store is operating at its full potential.

Look for problem areas and general areas of concern and prevent potential issues before they become a serious problem, and remember to carry proper amounts of Laundromat insurance for those instances where it can be of invaluable service.

Prevent dryer fires

Dryer fires constitute perhaps the most devastating (and costly) property insurance claims for many self-service laundries. Prevention begins with good maintenance habits and having proper lint control procedures in place. Develop a schedule to keep lint screens clean, prevent lint from accumulating inside the dryer cabinet, plus cleaning out ductwork on a regular basis will alleviate many problems. Improper installation, insufficient makeup air and spontaneous combustion caused in garments containing grease or oil make up a large percentage of dryer fire issues.

Protect those coin changers

Overnight break-ins often result in the subsequent destruction of coin changers. The property damage adds up as damage is usually done to the building as well as the coin changers, which will also include the loss of the cash within. Installing security cameras, and alarming the changers themselves can help to reduce these losses that the company’s exposed to.

Provide for a safe laundry experience

Creating a safer laundry experience can mean everything from the proper flooring materials to adequate lighting, installing well-placed floor drains and sprinklers (in the event of fire). This should also include having a back room area for easy maintenance and the safety of the employees.

The proper training of attendants

All attendants should be well trained to prevent injuries to customers, and if an accident does happen there should be a written procedure for dealing with any problems that occur when the owner isn’t present. Attendants should be trained to use fire extinguishers, shut off machines and utilities quickly and safely, and contact emergency services when required.

Even with all of these safety and security measures in place the unexpected can still result in injuries and lawsuits, which is why Laundromat insurance is and will be your best line of defense.