Safety, Mistakes, and Miami Med Mal Insurance

Safety, Mistakes, and Miami Med Mal Insurance

Even during the most common medical procedures mistakes can be made. But just because they may be less likely to make headlines doesn’t mean they aren’t going to result in a Miami med mal lawsuit. Errors made by doctors or healthcare practitioners during treatment still impact the patients, and caregivers will often find themselves facing the consequences. The need for malpractice insurance is necessary due to the risks involved and the monetary exposures facilities and individuals may face.

While patient safety efforts have routinely focused on inpatient areas, for example, in the operating room, in the past couple of decades, however, medical procedures are frequently performed in settings outside of the hospital. This often results in an increased number of adverse events being identified cialis acheter. Doctors, nurses and other caregivers need to translate those lessons learned in hospital safety to these other settings of care in order to ensure that procedures are performed as safely as possible.

Florida’s statute of limitations for med mal cases

A Florida Statute commonly referred to as the “Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice” provides that claims for medical malpractice must be initiated within two years from the date that the incident is, or should have been discovered, and no more than four years from when the mistake happened. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a suit can’t be filed beyond that time frame. Extenuating circumstances allow up to seven years for a suit to be filed.

The lesson here is that, while doctors, nurses and other attendants are trained to perform their duties with the utmost care, medical procedures will not necessarily go as planned. Sometimes the health of the patient can have an adverse effect on a procedure being performed, or doctors who may be overworked and not performing at full capacity can also run the risk of making a costly error, even during a routine procedure.

Everyone in the healthcare industry needs to do his or her part to improve patient safety. Having Miami med mal insurance will protect doctors and their staff after an incident occurs, but the point is to put measures in place to help avoid those issues that can have such a devastating effect on everyone involved.