When you want to advertise a vehicle in its best light, it’s essential to present it looking as clean and shiny as a new penny. For this reason, many showrooms have an on-site car wash facility as a cost-effective means of keeping inventory looking good inside and out at all times. However, this combination of necessity and convenience brings with it some additional risks which could trigger an auto dealership insurance claim. To reduce the associated injuries–which include everything from slips and falls to lacerations, strains, chemical burns, strains, getting hit by a moving part or injured by machinery, and even electrocution–it’s important to make safety a priority.

Have a written safety program posted and make sure workers are trained initially upon hiring and updated periodically. The program should include task-specific training that emphasizes the need for regular inspections of equipment to ensure it is in good working order, and encourage each employee to feel a sense of personal responsibility about the need to communicate any problems or unsafe conditions immediately to management.

Smaller outfits may simply use a self-service hose, buckets, and sponges to wash vehicles, but larger operations may employ a conveyor or in-bay automatic wash station. In the former, risks of injury to workers are lower because employees are only responsible for cleaning the area. In contrast, conveyor and in-bay automatic car washes have higher accident exposures from equipment operations due to the presence of elements such as high-pressure nozzles, moving parts and electricity which, combined with water, can be quite dangerous. If you also offer detailing services, which go far beyond a simple wash to clean, wax, and buff vehicles to a mirror shine, the use of a variety of powered hand tools for the job presents additional opportunities for injuries, in particular chemical burns, lacerations, and eye injuries when equipment and materials are used improperly.

Detailing brings additional accident exposures such as chemical burns, eye injuries and accidents caused by the improper use of powered hand tools.

Don’t let dangers make your operation all washed up

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