A financial guaranty insurance broker is a type of institution that specializes in providing insurance policies for investors and companies in the financial space. Insurance for financial institutions such as banks and lenders is a specialty of these types of insurance providers.

Liability inherent in the management and holding of government and private assets leaves financial institutions open to legal repercussions for perceived mishandling of assets or managerial oversight. Even properly managed funds and property can be construed as mishandled by the owners and thus provoke legal recourse. For this reason, a properly insured entity is paramount to the success of a financial institution. Not only will holding insurance protect in the event of customer dissatisfaction, but it will deter many frivolous legal claims by showing a strong fiscal backing of the institution for such occurrences.

Insurance for financial institutions is not only important to protect the company, but coverage can be structured to include the company’s employees as well. A cornerstone of any good business are its employees. Contentment of a workforce, and employee comfortably in a financial setting where they deal with other people’s assets is important for workflow and asset allocation within the financial institution. Protecting the individuals that handle client assets is as important as protecting the institution for which they work.