While most homes are sufficiently covered by standard homeowners policies, affluent home owners often need extra coverage. Multi-million dollar homes and estates need a higher level of coverage that can protect the entire property, and the owners appreciate the extra levels of security that high value plans offer.

Special Insurance

Properties with a high value often have insurance needs that extend beyond the home itself. While affluent homeowners insurance in PA offers high limits to cover the loss of the home, the policies can also cover servants areas, guesthouses, any outbuildings on the property, entrance gates, security systems, and landscaping.

Specialized insurance can also extend to valued contents in the home, such as jewelry, precious metals, money, and valuable papers. There is even protection available for the personal belongings of any domestic help.

Other Coverage

Affluent homeowners insurance in PA offers full service protection for clients. Liability claims can be devastating to those with a lot of assets, and homeowners insurance can provide sufficient coverage for both property damage and bodily injury. Service also includes loss control services and crisis response for those who want it. Other services may include art removal, security assistance, and identity theft coverage.

Affluent homeowners insurance in PA offers more than just protection against home loss. It also offers a peace of mind and personalized service for high value clients.