Over recent decades, academic landscapes have changed dramatically. Once considered safe places where young people could learn, socialize, and grow, now plenty have become battlegrounds or crime scenes. The rise in active shootings at schools and colleges has happened at an alarming rate and has caused massive concerns for students, educators, and their families, and the nation as a whole. While there are many ways to potentially avoid this scenario, taking out the right insurance can provide you with peace of mind.

Basic Policy Considerations

A policy including active shooter coverage is one that most academic institutions should look into. This coverage includes scenarios where there is a gunman on or near your establishment. Beyond covering “what-if” scenarios, this coverage also includes regular assessments of your facilities and procedures. The aim of this is to constantly improve upon the steps you have taken to create a safer environment for all. When looking into this type of coverage, you should also focus on areas like:

Select Appropriate Coverage

While you may not want to dwell on frightening possibilities when it comes to your school, thinking on these risks can help you stay prepared for anything. Find proper coverage and do your part to protect everyone who sets foot on your campus.