When it comes to helping your clients to acquire maritime insurance, it’s often best to work with a broker that specializes in marine policies, because they deal specifically with marine-specific risks, including salvage work, wreck removal, pollution or environmental damage, to name just a few. One way to reduce your clients’ pollution liability risks is by ensuring that they have adequate maritime insurance coverage.

One of the biggest challenges facing this unique industry is the environmental risk, which is both detrimental to our planet, and a growing concern for marine repairers. The pollutants often created in the care, construction, and maintenance of these vessels can adversely affect the ocean’s animal and plant life, as well as create health issues for workers and others, and these issues need to be addressed, particularly because of their destructive nature, along with the steep penalties and fines imposed for failing to correct these problems.

Making regular maintenance a priority

The life of most watercraft can be extended through a regular maintenance program as this can provide many benefits for the vessel. For example, flushing out the engine after each use will get rid of any potential saltwater build up. Check the water pump to ensure it is functioning properly and clear it of any debris that may be blocking the passage.

Time and salt water can wear away at the boat’s parts over time, so wipe the vessel down with a cleaning spray containing an anti-corrosive, such as WD-40, which will lubricate the moving parts that might rust while not in use. Keeping the engine covered in between trips will keep unwanted particles out.

As boating season draws to a close, flush any remaining fuel out into proper recycling canisters. At this time the fuel lines should also be checked for any possible cracks or leaks. Those responsible for maintenance should also make sure that the fuel line clamps aren’t rusted or corroded the fuel should be replaced with a fresh tank if it has been sitting for any extended length of time.

Proper maintenance can also reduce some pollution concerns plaguing many boat manufacturers. As a broker of maritime insurance it’s important to provide the best quality service your clients have come to expect.