Today, educational facilities face an ever-increasing risk of being charged with lawsuits based on negligence and improper educational practice allegations. With educator liability insurance, schools may receive coverage to pay for court costs and settlements.

Are Education Lawsuits on The Rise?

In the last decade, education facilities have received an increasing number of lawsuits. Only 9% of principals were involved in lawsuits just 10 years ago, with this number increasing in the past few years to around 33%. Some examples of claims that have been arising within recent years include students becoming injured in physical education classes or field trips.

Which Risks Are Typically Covered by Educator Liability?

Educators take on a particularly important role of providing students a safe environment with a curriculum that offers equal opportunity for each individual’s education. Here are few of the following claims or allegations that may require educator liability insurance coverage.

  • Violation of a students civil rights
  • Accusations of sexual or physical abuse
  • Under-qualified educators
  • Injuries to students under an educator’s supervision
  • Failure to provide a quality education
  • Improper teaching methods
  • Failure to provide credit or grade promotion to students

There is a broad range of risks involved in an educational environment that can be covered by most educator liability insurance plans. Talk to one of our reputable insurance agents today to learn more about the insurance plans we offer.