When your business is feeding people for a living, there is a lot of risks involved. Between picky clients and the multitude of things that could go wrong behind the scenes in the kitchen, having the right insurance for the food industry is more than good advice — it’s a necessity. What are some of the best types of coverage you should have if you are a restaurant owner?

General Liability

This is general “scrape your knee” insurance, but it’s good to have at any establishment. Imagine if someone choked inside your dining room, or slipped on a wet floor? You are guarded against a potentially hefty lawsuit.

Food Liability and Recall

What if you received an entire batch of unproperly refrigerated chicken? You certainly wouldn’t cook it up and serve it to your customers, so what do you do if the distributor refuses to pay up? Having a policy geared towards these kinds of situations can save you a lot of heartache, time and money.

Equipment Breakdown

Even if you’ve already called someone to take a look at it, if one of your stoves or another appliance quit working one day it would not be good for business. This kind of policy protects you by helping to reimburse you for days your equipment wasn’t working.

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