Three Key Insurance Coverages For Truckers

There’s too much at risk for you to not carry the right amount of insurance coverage to protect your trucking company. That’s why it’s necessary for you to have a good understanding of the coverages that make up a solid insurance policy. Here are three of the key coverages you should know and plan to include in your policy.

Truck Cargo Insurance

As a carrier, you’re often going to be responsible for the freight you’re transporting. Having the right amount coverage in case any items become damaged or lost is critical. As referenced on, cargo insurance is purchased with a max load limit per vehicle and having inadequate coverage can be extremely costly.

Truck Liability Insurance

Most likely the most expensive part of your policy, truck liability protects you while you’re driving your truck. Any accidents you cause that lead to injury, death or property damage will be covered under this portion of your policy.

Truckers Pollution Insurance

Most general liability insurance policies don’t include pollution coverage. When this occurs, you’ll need a separate coverage to protect you against third-party lawsuits resulting from damages caused by your pollution.

Other coverages you’ll need to be familiar with include general liability, trailer interchange, and physical damage truck insurance. An experienced agent will be able to help you build a complete policy that suits your needs.