In today’s economy, a professional appearance (or the lack thereof) can make or break a business. For example, an institution’s interior spaces – whether an independent school’s library or an attorney’s conference room – should look clean and inviting. Along with beat-up furnishings, nothing forms a worse first impression than dirty flooring.

As such, commercial carpet cleaners know that keeping clients’ strands and piles gleaming leads to essential repeat business. But there is a catch: repeat business increases the potential for accidents and property damage. That is why suggests acquiring insurance coverage for carpet cleaners that fit this industry’s particular business model.

Wall-To-Wall Coverage

Because employees travel extensively and work in a variety of customer locations, professional carpet cleaners must acquire an insurance policy that protects all operations. Generic business insurance plans do not benefit mobile industries. Therefore, the ideal insurance for carpet cleaners includes coverage for the following:

  • Liability claims for slips and falls
  • Liability claims for company vehicles
  • Property damage
  • Equipment breakdowns

Often though, exclusions are built into these. It is imperative that prospective clients choose plan extensions. One significant addition is a voluntary broad-form policy option, which offers a security blanket that goes beyond the basics to protect against the unexpected.

Staying in Control

Unplanned setbacks may occur at some point in your dynamic carpet-cleaning enterprise. Because you value your business, employees and clients, choose the right insurance coverage to provide total security.