Tennessee is a popular destination for visitors wanting to explore the outdoors. To accommodate their lodging needs, there are a number of investment properties that are available for overnight or multiple night rentals. The following are the different types of rental property insurance in Tennessee that are available for your investment property.

Property Insurance

This coverage is available for the main structure as well as separate buildings such as sheds, guesthouses, pools, and garages. It also includes replacement cost coverage for owned belongings and contents. This coverage goes into effect when there is damage from storms, fire, and other natural events, as well as damage cause by the tenants cialis professional.

Liability Coverage

This helps protect you in the event that guests are injured on the property and you are found to be responsible. This coverage can help pay for lawyers and court fees as well as awards that are decided on for the injured party. If you have high-hazard features on your property, or if you want extra protection, umbrella coverage is also available.

Rental Income Protection

Another type of rental property insurance in Tennessee to consider is rental income protection. If your property has experienced a loss and can’t be rented out, this coverage will help cover the lost rental income until the damage is fixed.