If you’re thinking about someday running your own conglomerate of product design firms, you may be curious to learn more about the most common roles these firms play. Although responsibilities can vary based on the types of clients you take on, if you helm a product design company, there are a few services you can expect to provide. Here’s a simple guide to the most prominent roles these firms typically fulfill.

You May Play a Crucial Role in Brainstorming Ideas and Researching Possibilities

Perhaps one of the most crucial services many product design businesses offer is brainstorming and new product research. For instance, a firm may:

  • Brainstorm design ideas for the new product
  • Narrow down the desired functions and purposes of the product
  • Eliminate unrealistic possibilities while staying within a certain budget
  • Conduct preliminary research into different product design choices

Hands-On Firms May Construct Prototypes or Test Final Products

If you operate a firm with a more hands-on approach, you may go beyond brainstorming to actually construct or test prototypes for your clients. In this instance, you could:

  • Use computer programs to generate models of products
  • Offer customers a range of prototype models
  • Conduct thorough testing on prototype finalists
  • Make recommendations for the design before bringing the product to market

If you hope to someday own and operate product design firms, it’s important to understand their most common roles. Listed above is a sampling of the services your product design firm could offer to clients.