It is important for restaurant employees to know what is expected of them at work. Restaurant employee handbooks are a great way to make this information available. Additionally, this type of guidebook helps employees understand that the employer cares about their safety and well-being. Here are a few things to include in any handbook of this type.

What to Wear

Employees need to know what is appropriate to wear for the job – and what is not. Here are a few necessary clothing items for restaurant workers.

  • Non-slip, comfortable closed-toe shoes
  • Long pants (for kitchen line workers)
  • Something appropriate in style to the restaurant’s image (for front-of-house workers)
  • Bandana, doo rag, head wrap, or hairnet (for back-of-house workers)
  • Rubber apron (for dishwashers)

Taking Breaks

Any good restaurant employee handbook should delineate exactly when and where employees can take breaks. Everybody needs time to go to the bathroom and eat, and some people need to sit down or smoke a cigarette every now and then. Clearly describe the location for breaks, how long they can be, and how often they can take place.


Everyone needs to know the best way to request days off, submit complaints, and ask questions. Provide email addresses, phone numbers, chat sites, or whatever method is best.

By writing and distributing a clear employee handbook, restaurant workers and owners will feel more empowered to do their jobs effectively.