Over the last few years, environmental research has uncovered some incredibly unfortunate information about the planet. Essentially, the impact of human beings has gotten to a point where pollution is leading to the direct downfall of sustainable life. In order to prevent catastrophe, businesses have been given the direct task of changing operations in order to lessen how much pollution is being produced. To see success on this front, be sure to take time to consider a few key points about how to comply.  

Obtaining a Certificate of Financial Responsibility

One of the most important factors to review when it comes to your business and how it impacts the environment is the Certificate of Financial Responsibility. The ECOFR is meant as a form of insurance, with business owners taking responsibility for the impact that the company can have on the environment. Beyond this, it can be useful to take a look at your current insurance coverage. In many cases, environmental pollution is not covered by a traditional policy. Other areas that can be useful to review when assessing your coverage can include: 

  • USL&H coverage
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Directors and officers liability

Learning More About Your Options

While there are many different ways that businesses can impact the environment, it is important that individuals across all industries take action to lessen the damage that can be done. Learn more about obtaining the Certificate of Financial Responsibility and discover what action you can take.