When to Change Your Insurance Coverages

Texas insurance and financial services

Many people evaluate their insurance coverage on an annual basis. Sometimes they find places to cut costs or add necessary coverages. However, there are other times when it is beneficial to evaluate your insurance policies. Make sure you have the right Texas insurance and financial services coverage for you and your family.


If you’ve had a child or adopted one recently, it’s time to contact your insurance provider or human resources department for an update to the health insurance policy. Teens drivers need to be added to auto insurance policies. Many insurance companies offer discounts for good grades.


Buying, selling or renting a new place to live can be an exciting change. Remodeling your home can also affect your insurance policies. Protect your personal possessions with renters or homeowners insurance. Add personal property insurance for valuable items such as engagement rings, priceless paintings or heirloom furniture.


Tying the knot is a wonderful opportunity to adjust your policies. However, divorce or death can also change your insurance needs. Your insurance provider can help you navigate the effects of life change circumstances on your insurance needs.

An agent at a Texas insurance and financial services company can help you determine your risks and tailor a policy plan to cover your exposures. Protect your home, life, car and personal possessions with the right insurance.