Who in the GOP Is This Week’s Flavor Of The…Week?

We write this update knowing that things can change at any moment given the ups and downs the GOP presidential hopefuls have experienced during this primary season.


While Newt Gingrich currently holds the distinction of “frontrunner” in the GOP class of aspiring Presidential nominees, his primary concerns is his lack of support among Washington lawmakers, a mere eight, compared to Romney’s forty-six (Rick Perry has thirteen), and the fact that he has been losing steam in political circles as far back as 1994.


Meanwhile, Herman Cain’s campaign has fallen by the wayside amid several allegations of sexual misconduct. Over the weekend of December 3rd, he announced that he has suspended his campaign although vehemently denying the latest allegation of a 13-year extramarital affair.


Michele Bachmann continues to verbally shoot herself in the foot, by voicing opinions and making statements that are clearly out of step with reality. She recently stated that the U.S. should not have an embassy in Iran, even though there hasn’t been a U.S. Embassy in Iran since 1980. Yet despite her low numbers in polls across the country, she is making it known that she has a list of possible Vice-Presidential running mates she is considering.


Rick Perry’s own campaign has been a subject of some concern, with his off-kilter appearances, debates and speeches causing harm to his already worrisome persona, and he has fallen behind in most polls that once had him leading Mitt Romney in several states.


This chart shows how the field of candidates was shaping up in early 2011, when Huckabee, Palin, Trump, and several others were vying for the nomination. With the emergence of Perry and then Cain, and most recently Gingrich, the list of presidential hopefuls dramatically decreased, giving us the current crop of contenders of Romney and Gingrich vying for the nomination.


As for Mr. Romney, his recent endorsement by New Hampshire State Senate President, Peter Bragdon, raises the number to nine Republican Senators currently giving their support to Romney’s nomination. Bragdon cites Romney’s experience, skills, and background as key components to his being the best candidate to give President Obama a run for his money in the upcoming election. Romney has drawn his attention on Iowa, focusing on campaigning heavily in that state, hoping a win there will essentially wrap up the nomination.