In 2015, surgeons across the country performed more than 28,000 reconstructive surgeries as a result of dog bites, a testament to the fact that you should always have liability insurance for dogs. Many of the tens of thousands of dog bite injuries could have been prevented with proper training.

The old adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t necessarily a true one. Whether your dog is old or a brand-new pup, better training will reduce the risk that your four-legged companion will bite someone. Even the basic commands such as sit, stand, heel, and leave it will help you develop better control of your dog and reduce the risk of bites.

Obedience training isn’t just important to keep other people safe. It will also keep your canine companion safe. If they don’t know basic commands or don’t respect your authority, they could run out into the street and be hit by a car or get into an accident despite how many times you called them back.

Getting liability insurance for dogs if you have pets in the house is a crucial step in the process when you find the dog you want to spend your life with. Another necessity is getting your dog in a quality obedience training class for the utmost safety of your dog and family.