Education is a high stakes enterprise in every developed country, but in the United States it can be especially so, since courts have increasingly found themselves willing to entertain claims against schools for a variety of reasons. Staple allegations like sexual harassment allegations against teachers by students or parents have made professional liability for educators a necessity for schools around the country for decades, but in today’s educational environment, it’s more important than ever. Suits for failure to educate and other claims are becoming increasingly common as college entry and the professional sphere both become increasingly competitive, and insurance does more than just pay out damages and settlements. It also provides you with financial resources when you need to fight false claims to preserve your district’s reputation.

Assessing Your School’s Liability Insurance Needs

Since you can’t always predict when staff members will make mistakes or act in bad faith and you can’t monitor every room all the time, the best bet is to get experienced help assessing your exposure and possible financial liability. This is evaluated when an insurance agent interviews you about features of the school like the size of the staff and student body, extracurricular program offerings, and any past allegations made against teachers on the record. The more experience an agent has working with schools, the more sophisticated their ability to calibrate a policy, so to get the best coverage for your money, it’s a good idea to work with people who specialize in professional insurance aimed at schools and educators.