Furniture dealers that provide products and services to businesses in the New York area need workers’ compensation (WC) coverage, as part of their overall furniture dealers insurance program, to take care of the men and women who work at their factories and help get their products ready for delivery.

A WC policy is specifically designed for office products suppliers, paper distributors, stationery retailers, dealers and wholesalers of furniture and machine, and others who require workers’ comp, which is mandated by New York State, and protects their company’s assets as well as financially assists employees who are injured, disabled, or made ill in the course of their work duties.

Furniture office products suppliers, and dealers and wholesalers of furniture realize that this coverage is a significant cost of doing business. Every day, employees come to work and face hazards to their limbs, eyes and internal organs, due to dust particles, equipment used in the line of duty, and a host of other work environment conditions that could lead to possible injury.

Safety procedures geared to reduce injuries from occurring

Workers must do their part to ensure that workplace accidents are minimized, but it begins with management implementing safety procedures, providing safety training, and also having first aid on hand for minor injuries to their workers. Some ways in which employees can reduce the likelihood of injuries sustained at work include the following:

  • Use a device to lift and reposition heavy objects to limit force exertion
  • Reduce the weight of a load to limit force exertion
  • Reposition a worktable to eliminate a long and/or excessive reach and enable working in neutral postures
  • Use diverging conveyors off a main line so that tasks are less repetitive
  • Install diverters on conveyors to direct materials toward the worker to eliminate excessive leaning or reaching, and
  • Redesign tools to enable neutral postures

Following these examples, where applicable, can reduce stress to backs, and especially the lower back area, which is where many of the work-related ailments manifest themselves. The idea is to help keep costs down with safety reviews and programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill. Owners can also benefit by evaluating accident history to help pinpoint problem areas and implement additional loss control measures. Furniture dealers insurance for WC claims is the best way to help injured workers on the road to a speedy recovery.