You know the stakes can be awfully high for workers in industries where they face a higher risk of injury due to the type of work they perform. The more strenuous the duties and tasks required on a daily basis, the higher the injury rate among employees. These injuries can be the result of assigned duties, or could be due to other exposures associated with the workplace.

Various workers compensation insurance provide owners with options on the type of coverage they purchase. Clients that face concerns of losing staff to injuries, many of whom may experience pain severe enough that they may miss work for weeks or even months, understand the need for a good coverage program. This coverage is not only mandatory, but it provides the type of financial and medical support those injured individuals will rely on during their recuperation and give them the opportunity to be able to swiftly return to the workplace when fully healed.

Most work-related injuries covered by workers comp insurance

Provided that the injury occurs at work, or while on the job, most are covered under any standard workers compensation claim. Musculoskeletal injuries, a rather common issue, can often occur as a result of a simple slip and fall accident. For example, if a worker falls on a floor that had been recently mopped, this could lead to a sprained ankle, or even torn muscles and bruised tendons. Any injury occurring at work should be reported immediately accompanied by a claim, and a doctor should examine the more severe injuries as soon as possible.

Workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando provide policies that allow for benefits for workers when their injury or illness is a result of work being done for their employer. Workers comp will also pay medical bills and benefits for temporary or permanent disabilities, and any existing work-related medical condition that has become aggravated also allows the worker to file a disability claim. However, in most cases they cannot receive both workers comp and disability benefits for the same period of time except in certain situations.